Thursday, April 28, 2011

2wks in

I think we are officially 2 weeks in.  It's been a long messy 2weeks!! I'll admit I questioned myself everyday for the first week, but kept reassuring myself that consistency would eventually pay off, and it has!!  I think yesterday was our first accident free day at home.  She went on her potty all by herself every time.  And last night I was cleaning up after dinner and the rest of the crew was in the living room and she just sat on her potty and went peepee and poopoo!!! She's been doing really well with going poopoo on the potty, she just sometimes wakes up with it in her pullup.  But if she's up she will go in her potty!

Some things I've noticed/learned:

- with peepee, I have to back off a little, just give her a few reminders and let her go on her own
- she doesn't have a potty dance but rather a 'face' she makes when she has to go... she'll stop in her tracks and have this look like 'oh, here it comes' lol
- she will also start holding herself, and with my 2nd daughter I remember it was a hesitation in her voice, not a dance as well!  So look for their signals!
- she can hold it for about an hour after she drinks a cup of juice and then she'll go a little at a time for about a half hour and then be good for a couple of hours
- she could care less about stickers so I do candy for poops and fruit snacks or a homemade treat for peepee, but she doesn't really ask for it, I do it as a reward and once in a while!

- she does like to do the peepee's on the potty dance after she goes potty
- she likes to wash her hands after she goes potty, so those are some good rewards as well!

Now she still goes in her pullups while we are out so I really try to limit the amount of time we go out or the amount of time I keep her in a pullup.  I'm hoping that within the next two weeks she will start staying dry when we go out for short periods of time.

Some things to work on:

- I think I will give her one more week of bare bottom at home
- start the routine of putting undies on her right after she goes potty and going outside to play or for a walk and then come in after a half hour and have her sit on the potty.  Hopefully that will teach her two things, go potty before we leave the house and keep undies dry!! 
- I also have been putting the potty outside during playtime as a reminder to go when she needs to

So proud of my big girl! 

Remember... Consistency!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

PeePee's on the Potty

So we are a few days shy of two weeks into potty training.  We definitely ARE NOT ready for undies yet, but we have made some significant improvements since my last post.  On Friday she woke up nearly dry and I took her pullup off right away and she peed in her potty w/in 20 mins.   Then that morning we went to playgroup and she peed on the potty there and then a few times at home.... but when she woke up from nap she was not on her game.  The few days after that were close to the same- half of the day good, half bad.  Just when I was about to pull my hair out she would go all by herself w/o me prompting and come and tell me when she would go.  My husband and I think she just doesn't want me telling her when to go.... lol stubborn little thing.  Today we were almost accident free, she went on the potty all day except for nap time of course and once after egg hunting when I took her pullup off(which was dry).  Which leads me to believe (as I always have) the pullup is confusing her.  Today she peed on her potty right before she got into the tub for a bath and then right when she got out of the tub.  And then this evening she had two accidents while I was having her sit on the potty every so often.... go figure.  I will just continue to move forward and stay at home as much as possible so that she can hopefully be accident free (bare bottom wise) by the end of this upcoming week!! 

Remember Consistency is Key!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

POOPOO's on the Potty

YAY, my big girl just went poopoo's on the potty all by herself again!!!

I was on the phone and she was playing and she got up and walked over to her potty and pooped right in it!!!  And when she was done she said 'POOPOO'!!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1 week in (insert FRAZZLED looking icon) lol

So I think we are 1 week in or just about...
What a whirlwind it has been.  Last time I posted she peed in the potty that night.  Well the next day I don't think she even hit it once, and the few days to follow were the same.  She would try at times, but not actually go and other times she would be playing and just pee where she was at.  There were many times where I definitely wanted to throw the towel in (or a diaper on) lol, but kept telling myself" "consistency"

Today we had a pretty good day.  I made sure to just sit with her just about the whole day at ALL times...  I had food in the freezer that I had prepared over the weekend so that was helpful in being able to sit with her during the evening hours and my oldest was on 'probation' so I assigned all my cleaning for her to do :) Well sitting with her all day really paid off.  She peed the majority of the time in the potty today while we sat there watching potty movies and reading books (potty books).  After a while, I honestly kinda felt like I had been expecting her to get 'it' on her own at first w/o too much of the daily reading of the books and watching the movies. And then thought we should continue with all the potty teaching tools and reteach her what it is I expect from her.  I'm thinking that I need to do the same thing (devote all my attention to her) for the next few days as well to really create a sustained habit.

One more thing, A BIG THING.... after dinner (and dribbling on the floor, grrr) she was sitting on the floor playing with her toys and I was loading the dishwasher.... Well I saw her get up and run over to her potty... I thought, 'naw, she can't be doing it on her own'; so I went over to see what she was doing and she said 'poopoo' and YES SHE DID, she pooped in the potty ALL BY HERSELF!!!! I was so happy and proud of her!! She got some skittles for that and LOTS of Hugs and Kisses! 

So if you take anything away from this post it is... Don't Give Up, Consistency is key, and keep teaching even when you feel they should know what to do!!! 

I hope we have a good day tomorrow and don't take a step backwards! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 3

YAY!!! We had SUCCESS!!
Most of the day was pretty rough.  Lot's of pee still on the floor, but she attempted to go on the potty almost Every time!!  She would stop what she was doing and go over to the potty and sit down, but then she would whimper a little and then get up.  And then go back to playing and then the same thing again.  And then it would end up on the floor.  Well just a little while ago she was jumping around on the couch and all of a sudden she had that look on her face and she got down and sat on the potty, same thing a whimper and nothing.  She did that about 3 times and I just kept saying "Deidra if you have to go peepee go on the potty'.  And then she got down again and sat on the potty and I started reading her a book (I have several by the potty at all times) and she did it, she pee'd right in it!  And then she got up and walked straight to the pantry for candy, LOL.  She deserved it, so I gave her 2 Valentine's hearts.  YAY!!
I hope tomorrow is another good day and a 'cleaner' day!!  I also caught poopoo on the potty today.  She was playing and I saw she was gearing up to go and I sat her on the potty and out it came!  So Dorian and I did the 'poopoo on the potty' dance and gave her some m&m's!  The look on her face when she see's her poop in the potty is priceless! 
My husband questioned whether she was ready or not today b/c she pee'd while sitting in her highchair eating dinner.... and then I was kinda questioning things, but also felt like we were moving forward.... well Deidra peeing on the potty w/o me putting her on it or catching it really gave me that extra confidence that I needed! 

Potty training is exhausting.  Time to put the pull up on and the kids to sleep so I can let my guard down until tomorrow morning...

Keep moving forward....

Day 2

Day 2 was ok.  Still lot's of pee on the floor.  But we got a poop on the potty and then after that point she tried harder.  At one point she had a peepee trail to the potty.  She tried getting to the potty but didn't make it in time.  So not fully successful yet, but getting there. 

This morning (day 3), she has been trying more.  She was playing for a while and then got up suddenly and sat on the potty, but no peepee came out.  So she's still a little hesitant on peeing on the potty, but really aware of what her body is doing and what she needs to do.  I hope we have more success today! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


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Day 1

Yesterday was our first day of training and one thing I have to say is.... my carpet is going to need some shampooing!!  lol  As expected the pee hit the floor all day long.  Two positive things were - we had to go out to the bank and store for a few things and she stayed dry in a pull up.  Had to use one b/c we were about to sell my car and the last thing I wanted was pee or poop smell in it!  The second thing was that towards the end of the day she would tell me she was peeing on the floor by saying POTTY!  So some connections are being made!  Oh and she pooped in her pull up while she was taking a nap, so at least I didn't have that mess on the floor! 
I tend to dislike tracking time, like I would just feed my baby when they showed signs of being hungry or would never keep track of how many times a day they would feed stuff like that.  But with having a sick kiddo at home this week and running a larger household I'm finding that I have to be doing things and can't keep track of her all the time... so we are going to try the timer today.  This way I can put her on the potty every 30 mins.  I have notice some of her signals and will be looking for more of those today so we can hopefully 'catch' the pee today! 
And lastly I wanted to say, I have NO diapers in the house so this way I'm not going to turn to them.
Hope the last one doesn't give me the hardest time!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We're almost ready....

My daughter is now 16mths.  My other 2 girls were potty trained at 17mths, so I'm thinking let's try #3 around the same time....
So many mom's ask 'how do I get started?'
Well for the past several months, we have been watching potty videos, reading potty books and we have increased 'the potty talk' around the house; no, we are not walking around cussing each other out, LOL.  I've been announcing who's going peepee or poopoo on the potty.  And when I change her diaper I'll say 'did you go poopoo' or if I can tell she's going I'll say 'are you going poopoo?'  She now has most of her 'potty' words down; and no she's not walking around cussing either(well, maybe she looks like she is sometimes, but that's probably about her sisters taking her things, lol)  She'll now tell me before, during and after she goes poopoo.  When I change her diaper she pats herself and says POTTY, very loud and proud.  And she tries to sing the 'peepee on the potty' song!!  She also knows what 'go sit on the potty' means and does it.  So, what am I waiting for.... well, she kinda didn't care if I was upset with her about anything and didn't quite grasp consequences for her actions.  But in the past 2 weeks I have noticed a shift in that.  I have noticed that when I give her a stern look or voice, she reacts and looks 'sorry' for her actions.  Now I am just waiting for things to calm down somewhat.  My middle child turns 3 this weekend and we have some outings planned.  And I have playgroup at my house the following day, so naked butt baby would probably not be the best.  I'm hoping to 'clear' my schedule for a week or two w/minimal outings, like only picking my daughter up from preschool and that's it for the few weeks after this weekend.  And then I'm hoping to have success.  I must admit I am a bit nervous this time around, kinda like I'm on display or an exhibit and everyone is watching.  But I'm trying not to let that affect my attitude towards what I believe I know how to do (plus if she smell desperation that might cause a battle I'm not wanting to fight) We all have our fears of failing and sometimes I think that is why we put things off or make up excuses on why we are not doing what we could be doing.  So I'm not going to let the fear of not succeeding let me put it off any longer.
Check back in a week or two!  I will hopefully be posting daily on how things are going and what we are doing on a daily basis to get this thing down!