Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do you have a crier?

One of the main questions or concerns I hear about is the child that cries when he or she is about 'to go' while sitting on the potty.  One thing to remember is that they are just unsure of this thing their body does, is doing or about to do.  These functions have been hidden behind the diaper for so long and it can be a bit scary.  When I started training my daughters the first day was about everything hitting the floor basically.  You are playing catch.  You are trying to catch them and get them to the potty in time so that they can see that what just came out of their body is now in their potty(so keep your play area limited and potty in the same area).  And then when they see YOUR reaction and how it pleases you, well, they will come back for more.  If they are timid and scared then it is our jobs as mommy's to soothe their fears and to reassure them that it is ok and no harm will come to them.  My daughters never really cried to pee, but the first poopoo was always the scariest.  You kinda have to take a firm stand and keep things moving forward, but don't turn it into a battle.  I remember just sitting there next to them, hugging them and telling them "it's ok I know you are scared but Mommy does it, Daddy does it, Grandma and Grandpa do and now you will be a big girl just like us".  You name everyone they know and admire including their favorite characters.  And by doing so, then maybe you can change the subject to their favorite character and have a conversation about them.  Or read the potty books you have that shows the poop in the potty.  Distraction at this age is a wonderful tool! I always gave a special treat for poopoo.  Not everyone agrees or some worry that they will have to do this forever.  You don't, that eventually passes.  I just thought there was no harm in it.  People reward their animals w/treats for doing pointless tricks, why can't our children get rewarded w/treats for doing something that affects their life in a positive way.  At some point, Yeah it might be bribery, but for the most part it is rewarding!  And remember once you decide to start you have to keep moving forward.  We don't pee and poop in a diaper once in a while, so why would we ask them to.  It just sends mixed messages.  And they are toddlers they always try to see how long it'll take before you break and give in, that's why you can't!   

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