Thursday, May 19, 2011

About 1 month in

Hi everyone, I think we are about one month into potty training.  Deidra by far has been the most difficult out of all my girls.  But she is doing great!  She is completely potty trained..... at home with no bottoms on :) 
She has been accident free at home for sometime now.  She will go peepee or poopoo on her potty without any help and will come tell me after she is done so we can wipe, flush and wash.  I am so very proud of her.

Now going out in public is a different thing.  I blame this partially on me.  We recently got a new car and I don't want peepee in it, so I have been putting pullups on her when we go out.  And just as I suspected she will pee in them.  After all kids aren't dummies!  They know it's just a glorified diaper.  I have been making more of an effort to bring portable potty seat with us when we are out and to offer or ask her if she has to go potty while we are out.  Now we did go to a friends house for a potty party and she did go on the little potties that were out for them.  So I know she knows to still go potty even if we are not at home.  I just need to lay some towels in her car seat and hope for the best.

We have been also working on wearing bottoms.  She has been doing pretty good with that as well.  I wait until she goes potty (and hasn't downed a drink), then I will either put undies or loose pants on her and venture out into the neighborhood.  She has told me a few times 'potty' and I picked her up and brought her home to go potty; and then we've gone back out.  This is a good way to show them that we CAN take a break to go potty and still be able to go back to our activity!  That is really important b/c that is a big concern to them. 

This upcoming month...
We will continue to work on going potty in a public restroom.  And continue working on keeping our undies or pants dry.

If you have any questions feel free to email me directly or ask in the comment box. 

And remember CONSISTENCY....


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