Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Breakthrough Week! 18mth old is Potty Trained!!

We had a really good breakthrough this past week(end).  On Friday Deidra was feeling sick but since we had out of state family in we went out sightseeing.  She was laying around most of the trip with a pullup on.  While out eating she started complaining and thought she had to go potty.  I took her to the restroom and sat her on the big potty.  As normal she didn't like it or want to go on it.  After about 10 mins she started complaining/signalling again like she had to go.  I sat her on it again, but this time I offered her candy as a reward.  And then she did it, she peed on the public potty!!!  She kept her pullup dry the rest of the trip and ride home that day.  I hope she continues this trend so we can start working our way into going out in undies instead of pullups!!

Another breakthrough this weekend was that on another day we were headed out to the store.  Being in a rush, I forgot to have her try to go before we were leaving.  I just started putting a pullup on and after she was all dressed she started crying 'potty, potty, potty'.  I pulled down her pullup and sat her on the potty and she went peepee!!!  She has been doing Really Good with peeing on demand, like before we go out to play or before bed/nap time!

So it seems as if she is now learning that we go on the potty no matter what the situation.  We have officially worked going on the potty into our daily routine and made it a habit!

Also we did some undie work this past week and she is getting better at that.  She will go on the potty when she is wearing undies, she just doesn't remember to pull them down or needs help pulling them down. 

We are planning a long drive this upcoming month and I have a feeling that she will be in the stage where she doesn't want to pee in a pullup anymore and is going to ask to go potty every 1/2 hour, lol  Should be a lot of fun!! lol

Helpful tip for public potties....  if you sit your child on a automatic flusher, remember to stay in position the whole time they are on the seat so the sensor does not go off.  A good spot is squatted or bent over in front of them/the seat.  Also there are some great portable potty seats available to buy.  I have one that folds into a quarter its size, fits in a larger sized purse or normal sized diaper bag!  It gives them the extra support they need for the big seats!



    So a little background, I have officially given notice to my clients that I will be unavailable after June 14th. I am due July 14th with my second. Luke will be three in July and is overdue to be potty trained. I know that he can hold it and right now, he seems to like the adventure of using public bathrooms. He has not really ever had a #2 in the potty. But we have all the materials and he knows his way around the bathroom. I have not been able to be consistent with the potty training and so I have let him tell me if he wants to go to the bathroom in the potty.

    My thought is that this gives me a month to start the potty training "full force" with no distractions. Just me and Luke. Also, it is warm and he can go "bare" without being cold or uncomfortable. I am going to have a caregiver for Luke immediately after I have the baby and he is already comfortable with her. She is also open to helping with the potty training, although she is not a mother and has not done it before. He returns to two days of preschool at the end of August and they are very familiar with potty training. What are your thoughts on this arrangement vs. waiting until after I have the baby and am back into the groove of things? That could easily be December.

    Any guidance/tips?

  2. the pottytrainingqueenJune 4, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    I think that's a great idea!! It will give you some one on one time before the baby comes and it will get him trained before the transition as well. I think it's best to do it before the baby comes so they don't associate the change with the baby. I would say keep offering to take him potty when you are out so that he knows going on the potty is a full time thing. Also I would say try to stay home and do bare bottom for at least a week or two. Most importantly I would say finish the diaper pack and sit and talk to him and tell him that he is done with those and it is time to start going on the potty all the time like mommy and daddy do and like big boys do, find someone he idols a boy in the family or character. I always made sure I did NOT have any diapers in the house b/c you will be tempted to use them when you are tired of potty training. Also maybe as an incentive tell him once he starts going on the potty for a whole week then he can start wearing his big boy undies. Use a calendar to mark down the days. Since he is older and has some experience with it hopefully he will catch on and comply quickly!!! With my 1st two girls they caught on and complied w/in the first week. My last one it took 2-3 wks. I would also suggest not doing undies until he establishes going on the potty all the time w/o having to be told. Once they know they have to go full time and their sensors are in force then they will still want to go on the potty even if they have pants or undies on. Also if he starts to have accidents in his undies then take a step back and either go bare bottom or just some loose shorts. But first things first..... set up a small space to hang out in and get some snacks, drinks and potty material!! I have a Potty dvd if you want to borrow it let me know. And if you have any other questions let me know! Good Luck and check in!!