Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1 week in (insert FRAZZLED looking icon) lol

So I think we are 1 week in or just about...
What a whirlwind it has been.  Last time I posted she peed in the potty that night.  Well the next day I don't think she even hit it once, and the few days to follow were the same.  She would try at times, but not actually go and other times she would be playing and just pee where she was at.  There were many times where I definitely wanted to throw the towel in (or a diaper on) lol, but kept telling myself" "consistency"

Today we had a pretty good day.  I made sure to just sit with her just about the whole day at ALL times...  I had food in the freezer that I had prepared over the weekend so that was helpful in being able to sit with her during the evening hours and my oldest was on 'probation' so I assigned all my cleaning for her to do :) Well sitting with her all day really paid off.  She peed the majority of the time in the potty today while we sat there watching potty movies and reading books (potty books).  After a while, I honestly kinda felt like I had been expecting her to get 'it' on her own at first w/o too much of the daily reading of the books and watching the movies. And then thought we should continue with all the potty teaching tools and reteach her what it is I expect from her.  I'm thinking that I need to do the same thing (devote all my attention to her) for the next few days as well to really create a sustained habit.

One more thing, A BIG THING.... after dinner (and dribbling on the floor, grrr) she was sitting on the floor playing with her toys and I was loading the dishwasher.... Well I saw her get up and run over to her potty... I thought, 'naw, she can't be doing it on her own'; so I went over to see what she was doing and she said 'poopoo' and YES SHE DID, she pooped in the potty ALL BY HERSELF!!!! I was so happy and proud of her!! She got some skittles for that and LOTS of Hugs and Kisses! 

So if you take anything away from this post it is... Don't Give Up, Consistency is key, and keep teaching even when you feel they should know what to do!!! 

I hope we have a good day tomorrow and don't take a step backwards! 

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