Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We're almost ready....

My daughter is now 16mths.  My other 2 girls were potty trained at 17mths, so I'm thinking let's try #3 around the same time....
So many mom's ask 'how do I get started?'
Well for the past several months, we have been watching potty videos, reading potty books and we have increased 'the potty talk' around the house; no, we are not walking around cussing each other out, LOL.  I've been announcing who's going peepee or poopoo on the potty.  And when I change her diaper I'll say 'did you go poopoo' or if I can tell she's going I'll say 'are you going poopoo?'  She now has most of her 'potty' words down; and no she's not walking around cussing either(well, maybe she looks like she is sometimes, but that's probably about her sisters taking her things, lol)  She'll now tell me before, during and after she goes poopoo.  When I change her diaper she pats herself and says POTTY, very loud and proud.  And she tries to sing the 'peepee on the potty' song!!  She also knows what 'go sit on the potty' means and does it.  So, what am I waiting for.... well, she kinda didn't care if I was upset with her about anything and didn't quite grasp consequences for her actions.  But in the past 2 weeks I have noticed a shift in that.  I have noticed that when I give her a stern look or voice, she reacts and looks 'sorry' for her actions.  Now I am just waiting for things to calm down somewhat.  My middle child turns 3 this weekend and we have some outings planned.  And I have playgroup at my house the following day, so naked butt baby would probably not be the best.  I'm hoping to 'clear' my schedule for a week or two w/minimal outings, like only picking my daughter up from preschool and that's it for the few weeks after this weekend.  And then I'm hoping to have success.  I must admit I am a bit nervous this time around, kinda like I'm on display or an exhibit and everyone is watching.  But I'm trying not to let that affect my attitude towards what I believe I know how to do (plus if she smell desperation that might cause a battle I'm not wanting to fight) We all have our fears of failing and sometimes I think that is why we put things off or make up excuses on why we are not doing what we could be doing.  So I'm not going to let the fear of not succeeding let me put it off any longer.
Check back in a week or two!  I will hopefully be posting daily on how things are going and what we are doing on a daily basis to get this thing down!

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