Thursday, April 28, 2011

2wks in

I think we are officially 2 weeks in.  It's been a long messy 2weeks!! I'll admit I questioned myself everyday for the first week, but kept reassuring myself that consistency would eventually pay off, and it has!!  I think yesterday was our first accident free day at home.  She went on her potty all by herself every time.  And last night I was cleaning up after dinner and the rest of the crew was in the living room and she just sat on her potty and went peepee and poopoo!!! She's been doing really well with going poopoo on the potty, she just sometimes wakes up with it in her pullup.  But if she's up she will go in her potty!

Some things I've noticed/learned:

- with peepee, I have to back off a little, just give her a few reminders and let her go on her own
- she doesn't have a potty dance but rather a 'face' she makes when she has to go... she'll stop in her tracks and have this look like 'oh, here it comes' lol
- she will also start holding herself, and with my 2nd daughter I remember it was a hesitation in her voice, not a dance as well!  So look for their signals!
- she can hold it for about an hour after she drinks a cup of juice and then she'll go a little at a time for about a half hour and then be good for a couple of hours
- she could care less about stickers so I do candy for poops and fruit snacks or a homemade treat for peepee, but she doesn't really ask for it, I do it as a reward and once in a while!

- she does like to do the peepee's on the potty dance after she goes potty
- she likes to wash her hands after she goes potty, so those are some good rewards as well!

Now she still goes in her pullups while we are out so I really try to limit the amount of time we go out or the amount of time I keep her in a pullup.  I'm hoping that within the next two weeks she will start staying dry when we go out for short periods of time.

Some things to work on:

- I think I will give her one more week of bare bottom at home
- start the routine of putting undies on her right after she goes potty and going outside to play or for a walk and then come in after a half hour and have her sit on the potty.  Hopefully that will teach her two things, go potty before we leave the house and keep undies dry!! 
- I also have been putting the potty outside during playtime as a reminder to go when she needs to

So proud of my big girl! 

Remember... Consistency!!!


  1. We are working on wearing big boy pants in our house. E does great when he's nude from the waist down. He'll go straight to the potty every time, no accidents. When he's in underwear/trainers, he sometimes will ask and sometimes will wet/dirty his pants. He did ask and go at the store the other day, which was a big deal! I've been using your suggestion of putting the big boy pants on and doing an acivity for 15-30 minutes, then taking them off and going to the potty. Seems to be having some impact. I'm hoping he'll be staying dry consistently in another few weeks. Then...on to nap time! :) Thanks for all your help!

  2. So how are the big boy pants working out? Is he asking to go potty while out in public yet?