Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 3

YAY!!! We had SUCCESS!!
Most of the day was pretty rough.  Lot's of pee still on the floor, but she attempted to go on the potty almost Every time!!  She would stop what she was doing and go over to the potty and sit down, but then she would whimper a little and then get up.  And then go back to playing and then the same thing again.  And then it would end up on the floor.  Well just a little while ago she was jumping around on the couch and all of a sudden she had that look on her face and she got down and sat on the potty, same thing a whimper and nothing.  She did that about 3 times and I just kept saying "Deidra if you have to go peepee go on the potty'.  And then she got down again and sat on the potty and I started reading her a book (I have several by the potty at all times) and she did it, she pee'd right in it!  And then she got up and walked straight to the pantry for candy, LOL.  She deserved it, so I gave her 2 Valentine's hearts.  YAY!!
I hope tomorrow is another good day and a 'cleaner' day!!  I also caught poopoo on the potty today.  She was playing and I saw she was gearing up to go and I sat her on the potty and out it came!  So Dorian and I did the 'poopoo on the potty' dance and gave her some m&m's!  The look on her face when she see's her poop in the potty is priceless! 
My husband questioned whether she was ready or not today b/c she pee'd while sitting in her highchair eating dinner.... and then I was kinda questioning things, but also felt like we were moving forward.... well Deidra peeing on the potty w/o me putting her on it or catching it really gave me that extra confidence that I needed! 

Potty training is exhausting.  Time to put the pull up on and the kids to sleep so I can let my guard down until tomorrow morning...

Keep moving forward....

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