Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 1

Yesterday was our first day of training and one thing I have to say is.... my carpet is going to need some shampooing!!  lol  As expected the pee hit the floor all day long.  Two positive things were - we had to go out to the bank and store for a few things and she stayed dry in a pull up.  Had to use one b/c we were about to sell my car and the last thing I wanted was pee or poop smell in it!  The second thing was that towards the end of the day she would tell me she was peeing on the floor by saying POTTY!  So some connections are being made!  Oh and she pooped in her pull up while she was taking a nap, so at least I didn't have that mess on the floor! 
I tend to dislike tracking time, like I would just feed my baby when they showed signs of being hungry or would never keep track of how many times a day they would feed stuff like that.  But with having a sick kiddo at home this week and running a larger household I'm finding that I have to be doing things and can't keep track of her all the time... so we are going to try the timer today.  This way I can put her on the potty every 30 mins.  I have notice some of her signals and will be looking for more of those today so we can hopefully 'catch' the pee today! 
And lastly I wanted to say, I have NO diapers in the house so this way I'm not going to turn to them.
Hope the last one doesn't give me the hardest time!!

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